Charter of Roger de Montbegon

Tottington -------- Holcombe (Pilgrims' Cross)

To all the sons of the Holy Mother Church to whom this writing shall come, I, Roger of Montbegon, Greeting. Know ye all, that I, inspired by Divine piety have given and surrendered and by this present charter do confirm, to God and the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene of Bretton and to the monks serving God there, all my forest called Holcumbam; that is to say, the woods and fields within and without, without any reservations by the boundaries described below; namely, as much of my forest as stretches to Querendonam (Quarlton) in length and breadth, and rising by the boundaries of my forest to Longschavet (Longshaw Head) and from Longschavet to Aldenhevet (Alden Head) and for Aldenhevet across to Arkilishou (Harcles Hill) and thence through the middle of Arkilishou to Pilgrimscrosseshahe (Pilgrims' Cross Wood) and thence descending to the road which leads through the middle of Tytleshou (Tittleshaw: the hill of Tytel), following the aforesaid road to Titelshou Broc (Tittleshaw Brook) thence towards the west, following the lane which is called the lane of thieves to Salterbrigge (Altar Bridge?) and from Salterbrigge to the road of Oskelei (Ox Hey Lane?) to have and to hold all (property) within the aforesaid bounds, both below and above the ground, and to make what use they will of all the aforesaid, freely, quietly, peacefully and honourably, in complete and perpetual gift. Saving, however that the venison and young falcons within the aforesaid shall be to myself and my heirs. Moreover, I have given to the aforesaid monks all the pasture of my forest and complete sustenance for their livestock from the woodland within the boundaries written below; namely, from Caldwell Hevet (Caldwell Head) to the River Irwell, thus following the Caldwell and thence following the Irwell towards Titelshoubroc (Tittleshaw Brook) and thence climbing by Titelshoubroc (Tittleshaw Head) to the road which leads through the middle of Tittleshaw, and thence following the aforesaid road to Caldwell Head. Saving only to the men of Tottington the common (of pasture) which belongs to them by ancient right. Furthermore, I have given to the aforesaid monks three of meadowland below Arkilhou, adjoining Pilgrimscrossesshahe, and the said monks may make a fence and a ditch around that meadow if they so wish. And know, that the said monks must communicate with the men of Tottington whenever and wherever (they meet). And if the cattle of the aforesaid monks should transgress the aforesaid bounds, the aforesaid monks should not quarrel on that account, neither their men nor their shepherds, but the aforesaid cattle should be led back inside the aforesaid bounds of the aforesaid monks without challenge or molestation. All these aforenamed as before written I now give to the aforesaid monks in full and perpetual gift for the wellbeing of my soul, and my wife's, and my father's, my mother's, and John Malherbe my brother's, my ancestors and my descendants. So that neither bailiffs nor servant nor forester of mine or of my assigns nor the assigns of my heirs shall disturb or oppress the aforesaid monks nor their men nor their shepherds nor their livestock in any way for food or hospitality against their will. Wherefore I wish and firmly order that the aforesaid monks shall have, hold and possess all the aforenamed as written above in full and perpetual gift as freely, peacefully, honourably and completely as any alms may be given in all England. And I, Roger aforesaidd and my heirs, assigns, (etc) to the aforesaid monks (etc). Hiis Testibus Lord William, son of William etc.

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