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Please use the links above to visit places of interest to you. The Picture Gallery HERE has now been updated (June 13).

Click here for height above sea level of local places. Pretty useless, but interesting!

At the bottom of Holcombe Hill ! This project has taken years to get going, because I was always too busy to do anything about it, but I remember the love I have always had for the area as a child, a youth and a man. Here, at the bottom of the Hill.

I live in Woolfold, a short walk from where it all started when I was 8 years old. My name is not important as I want this site to be about the area, the history and all the good and bad things that have happened and continue to happen here. What happens today is history tomorrow.

My pen-name is Lancsman, the name I shall be using throughout this site - simply a name to be identified by.

The areas covered are linked to the names above. When I look at all those place names, I recall a wonderful childhood and an exciting youth covering all of them. My 'adventures' as a youngster, playing in Redisher woods, haymaking with my friend Martin on Colonel Barlow's farm. We might have been cheap labour, but job satisfaction was 100% ! The walks, the talks, the fun, the pain. I have been away from here, but always come back. I have seen the Peel Monument from at least one window of every home I have ever had, and hope to do so until I pop my clogs.

Why do I love the place so much when my roots aren't here? That is a strange one indeed. I was born in Radcliffe, a few miles away where I lived until I was 8. Most of my family, for the last 500 years or so, have come from the Preston area. Whenever I drive through Garstang or St Michael's, especially, I feel strangely at home in a purely spiritual way. When I look around, I realise I am a stranger amongst a thousand familial ghosts, then I come home again, back to the Hill. 

So what is the 'pull'? I think it is where a happy childhood was spent, regardless of where you or your family are from.

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